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Do you need a fresh new look for your website?

We have added a new fresh look website, we invite you to look at

Does you website just need a refresh?

Whether it's a refresh or a rebuild that you are looking for we can provide you with advice, guidance and the best solution. We recognise that every requirement is different and every website should be unique with it's own special personality and charm. That is why we never use standard off the shelf quick build templates. Every website and template is custom designed to your requirements and built to our exacting standards.

The personal touch

While the destination is to build your dream website, the journey is just as important to us, we make every effort to make sure the journey is a pleasent and enjoyable experience.

Your website is the shopping window to the world, a good shopping window needs to be kept well dressed, we will provide you with a website that you can maintain yourself.

Where does your website live?

While cheap or cost effective hosting can sometimes be a good point to start out we know, from experience, that when you want to start increasing the traffic to your website the cost effective hosting can quickly run out of steam. We are happy to deploy your website onto your hosting but we will also make recommendations on a better solution if we feel your host could let you down when you least expect or need it to.

We host our own websites as well as providing hosting for a number of our clients on our enterprise class web hosts. We also provide hosting for email services from simple mail boxes through to the latest Microsoft Exhange servers

What we specialise in

We specialise in Concrete5 as our CMS of choice. We can provide you with Concrete5 fault identification and resolution, Concrete5 version upgrading and even Concrete5 Major version migration.
We can also provide the same for Wordpress, PrestaShop and Magento both CE & EE to name but a few. If you aren't sure then ask us.

All I need is a little help

Sometimes all you need is a little help, don't be afraid to ask if you need help with your website, we will quickly tell you if we can help or even recommend someone that can help you.