Get lastest connector from JetBrains and install as PhpStorm or PyCharm plugin.

Then create and set up your git in the main directory of the project:

It is a good idea to put down the things that should not be pushed to GIT, which is stored in a file called .gitignore:

touch .gitignore  gedit ./.gitignore

What the file looks like for a directory (vendor), a hidden file (.xyz) and all files with a given extension (all CSV-Files: *.csv):

/vendor .xyz *.csv

Then get GIT going with setup and first commit/push:

git init  git config --global "xyz@xyz.zz"  git config --global "Your Name"  git add .  git commit -m "message"  git remote add origin  git remote set-url origin  git push -u origin master

The usual routine to update the repository with the latest version is:

git add .  git commit -m "message"  git push -u origin master
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